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Welcome to redefining success and leadership.

In today’s fast-paced world, navigating through can feel like a maze. As a high achiever juggling multiple roles, I understand the toll it can take. Burnout, financial challenges, strained relationships – I’ve been there.

If you’re silently bearing the weight or feeling uncertain, know you’re not alone.

I invite you to embrace a new approach – illuminating success and leadership in a fresh perspective.

Elevate your game by fostering connections, enhancing well-being, and embracing ease.

Join me on this transformative journey towards a more fulfilling life and feeling whole and well.

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    Reclaim Your Potential 12 Week Program

    Join Shanon as she assists you in discovering your saboteurs and allow you to practice strengthening your PQ muscle.  This cornerstone program will allow to you reclaim what is already yours in a state of ease and flow which will 10x your performance, wellbeing and relationships. 

    Keynotes | Retreats | Webinars

    Transform yourself with engaging keynote addresses, empowering retreats, and insightful webinars. Expand your positive intelligence, build resilience, and find your authentic voice. 3 Top Transformational topics are Chasing Happiness, Resilience for Today’s Leaders, and Beating Burnout for Good!
    Make personal transformation a reality today.

    Wellbeing Collective

    Welcome to our Wellbeing Collective, where we offer effective, natural, and easy-to-follow systems for your physical health. Let us empower you to live a healthier, happier life!

    Clients include..

    Taking the PQ Program has changed the way I feel emotionally, mentally and physically. It has also changed the way I think about myself, others and situations. Recognizing my top sabotaging tendencies or as we call them in this program saboteurs, helps me to understand myself on a deeper level that I never thought was possible…Shannon’s leadership and guidance through this experience have contributed to my productivity and progress. Her kind, empathetic heart helps you to truly open yourself up and make the changes that you have been longing for.

    - Melissa G.

    Medical Esthetician, Wellness Advocate

    For our 2021 World Mental Health day at Scotiabank, we partnered with Shannon as our facilitator to deliver a presentation on Resiliency; Thriving Under Pressure.
    In a word, Shannon was fantastic! Her messaging was so on point, motivational and informative. She hit on everything our audience needed to hear and her presentation style was wonderful.  She was great to work with; reliable, making herself available for consultations. I would 100% endorse Shannon as a facilitator for audiences large or small!

    - Karen J.

    Chair for Mental Health & Wellness Employee Group, Scotiabank

    I had thought about working with a coach for a while before I engaged with Shannon and wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew that I needed help with accountability, staying on task, and identifying the excuses that were slowing me down.  Shannon managed to find that sweet spot where she helps me with all of those while simultaneously making sure that I celebrate the wins.  She knows when to offer suggestions and does it without overpowering. She’s helped me a lot over the past year and I’m happy to recommend her to anyone that needs help reaching their goals.

    - Tony C.

    Startup Founder


    I’m Shannon

    I’m a High Achiever, Professional Speaker, Author, and Serial Wellness Entrepreneur for the past 30 years.  More importantly as a mid- 40’s Mom who is  living into an integrated level of wholeness with deep ease and flow.   I have guided and assisted thousands of people to reach a new standard of their life.  A seeker of truth and wisdom, in wellness, personal development, and leadership. In essence I have created  a portfolio of experiences, therapies, tools and resources that can guide you in creating and ultimate Whole-Mind Fully Body Integration.   Creating a state of wholeness and ease, that will radically impact your wellbeing, your relationships and performance.


    Harnessing Your Potential

     Potential:  po·​ten·​tial

    According to Webster’s Dictionary Potential is explained as both Adjectives: 1 : existing or expressing in possibilitycapable of development into actuality
    and or a
    Noun 1: something that can develop or become actual

    Potential can be a double-edged sword, as it can lead to both greatness and struggles. The key lies in harnessing our talents in a manner that enables us to achieve fulfillment without succumbing to burnout.

    Shannon is here to guide you in discovering your potential, helping you uncover ways to bring more ease into your daily life. By leveraging your strengths effectively, you can reignite your passion, rejuvenate your zest for life, and leave a lasting legacy.


    Her innovative Whole Mind Full Body Integration™ method emphasizes nurturing the mind and body. Through a focus on mental fitness, physical wellness, and self-care we cultivate a holistic approach to well-being. Neglecting this holistic perspective could create gaps in our healing journey and impede our ability to unlock our true potential.


    Remember, a healthy body thrives on a sound mind, and vice versa. These two elements are intertwined, and neglecting one will compromise the other. Let’s embrace the synergy of this harmonious connection to unleash our full potential and holistic well-being.


    Drawing from Viktor Frankl’s wisdom, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response. It is within this response that our growth and freedom reside.”

    Meet your Saboteurs.

    Learning about your Saboteurs is one of the deepest insights you can start to understand about your self to build your muscle of self actualization.  Understanding why you can’t reach your goal, or why happiness is fleeting, or why you are always procrastinating to get things done.