Evolve and embrace your growth & leadership
to take your life, business, or health
to the next level.

March 2nd – May 18th  2020

Have you ever wanted to shift your identity

or grow to the NEXT LEVEL?

Have you ever thought?

I know I’m made for more.
I was born to live a different life.
I am ready to shift into a new path.
You are craving a simple yet sophisticated lifestyle.
You know you can have great health and wealth. 
I need to shift my current reality to live a life I love!


You stop before you start.
You start but don’t finish.
You don’t know the path to follow.
You worry about what others will say.
You are afraid of rejection.
You are unsure of the unknown.
You know you are born to shine but feel scared of the responsibility.  

I get it.  I’ve been there too.

There is another way!!

One thing I’ve learned through the past 20 years of entrepreneurship, 13 years being a parent and 13 years married to  my husband Chris,  it is a hard price to pay for a fixed based mindset and choosing not to grow. 

Not taking the time to see our blind spots can lead us further into the WRONG direction.   

What is the #1 key for success?? 

Self Awareness!!!   When we can become more self aware we can shift, impact and grow.

 As I love to say… “Shift Happens”    

 However most often than not, we have to shed our conditioned programming to truly embrace who we are and what’s our true potential is.   

When you understand that 90% of the thoughts you think  and the results you get are from a mindset that was formed many years ago – it may make sense to why you have been struggling to move forward.  This is the perfect opportunity to take your GREATNESS and POTENTIAL to the NEXT LEVEL.

My question is, are you ready to embrace, grow and reinvent yourself?

2020 showed us that we need to build skills and resilience to have success in life. 

Don’t let another year, slow you down to want  you can be, do, and have in life.  

You are worth it!



We usually never have a money problem or a health problem or a relationship problem...


Personal development and having a growth-based mindset is a FOUNDATION of LIFE, Health and Business if you want to really create the IMPACT and INCOME you so desire and frankly deserve, it’s time to

LeadHERship is about you being the captain of your life
It’s time to be bold, be fearless and evolve into your next level!


So, What IF? 

What IF you recommitted to a beginners mindset?? 

12 WEEKS of learning, discovery, and action to evolve so that you can step into your next level of greatness.

Imagine yourself in the light of who you want to step into next. 

We all transform our identity from time to time and it’s important to reflect, innovate, strategize and execute on your new plan. 

But to really implement knowledge and create an ACTION plan usually requires more support and guidance. 

If you have been asking yourself questions like;

What’s next for me?

I’m ready to shift into a new identity?

How can I lead more effectively?

Have you have ever questioned yourself as a woman about your leadership abilities.

If you are curious about wanting more flow, simplicity, and results. 

If you are a YES, then you will be happy to know that I created this JUST FOR YOU!  

 I invite you to join me on a 12-week journey!!  

“Shannon really helped me identify what my personal and business life was lacking and help set me on the course to build better foundations for myself. I now have more realistic expectations and better systems in place to manage my life and small business.”

Lindsey S.

Next Level LeadHERship is a refreshing journey that allows you to examine your soul and find new areas of leadership/growth that are waiting to be utilized. After 12 weeks of intense focus, I came away not only identifying my limiting beliefs but having new tools (fresh mindset) that allowed me to move through my limiting beliefs and move towards an exciting vision in my life.

Carrie G.

The Curriculum –

Each week you will receive a new lesson from The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell and workbook to reflect and innovate on your next step.  

12  LIVE and Recorded Mastermind Coaching Calls Hosted Weekly on Zoom.   
Worksheets for each of the modules. 
Weekly accountability check-in’s. 
Private Voxer Access for 3 months of Support and Coaching. 

Week 1:

RISE UP!! Reinvent yourself
Law of Intentionality – Growth doesn’t just happen.
Reflect and create a new outlook

Week 2:

Manage your Mind
Law of Awareness – you must know yourself to grow yourself
Law of the Mirror: You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself and others.

Week 3:

The Power of  the Pause
Law of Reflection: Learning to pause allows growth to Catch Up with you.
Using the wheel of life of where you want to go next.

Week 4:

Creating Habits of Success
Law of Consistency – Motivation gets us going – Discipline keeps us moving.
Creating a plan for accountability.

Week 5

Your Environment is STRONGER than Willpower
Law of Environment – Growth Thrives in conducive surroundings.
Identify and create a powerful of your INNER Circle

Week 6

Strategize for success 
Use your RISE workbook to create a powerful strategy for your next big outcome.
Law of Design: To maximize growth, develop strategies.

Week 7

Fail forward
The Law of Pain – good management of bad experiences leads to great growth and outcomes.

Week 8

Create a compound effect!
The Law of the Ladder – character growth determines the height of your personal growth and effectiveness.

Week 9

Managing the mountain moments
Discover when you have lost focus, while at the top of the mountain. The Law of the Rubber Band – growth stops when you lose the tension between where are at and where you could be.

Week 10

Curiosity keeps you growing
Growth is stimulated by asking why and remember that sometimes you have to trade one thing for another to go to the next level.

Week 11

Increase your capacity to live more fully!
Law of Modelling and Expansion.
Understand your next steps to greatness and potential.

Week 12:

Your next level greatness
Law of Contribution, generosity, and growth! The way to happiness is to realize the journey you are on and embrace it fully!!

What you will gain is: 






FREE Ticket LeadHerShip Retreat in Spring 2021

1- 20 mins private coaching session per month. 

3 Months of FREE Private Group Coaching on Voxer

Bonuses Valued at over $999.00


Program starts March 2nd, 2021








Look at these REVIEWS & RESULTS from Others!!! 


I have learned a huge amount of understanding about each law and how it resignates with my life. All of the Laws are amazing and I have learned from each and every one. The Law of Awareness is most prominent in my recent days, as I am so aware of my environment, I’m aware of the way things have gone in the past and where I want them to go now. My personal Growth has been my biggest Life Lesson thus far. I am so focused of learning and growing to become my best self. I understand that unless and until, I get a handle on this, I cannot be true to anyone else. I am transferring my strategy towards my only child, and hope that she will follow in my footsteps. I am developing into a personal coach along the way while improving my health and wellness and doing the best I can to share my experience. 

THANK You Shannon, for attracting me to this, and allowing me to apply this to my journey.

I really appreciate it, and look forward to the next one!

Christine M.

Accountability is everything. And that it takes focused time to develop further – and lots of reflection. The 15 invaluable laws of growth together with Shannon´s kind support and know-how made a difference in my life. I´m sorry that it´s over soon.

Alexandra D. 

About Me - I'm Shannon

Hey, it’s great to meet you.

 Here are a few things that I think someone like you would want to know. 

I’m a mom of 3 kids, married to my hubby Chris for the past 13 years.  We had a flurry of children while I was growing an empire to help create a financial fortress around us so that we could have time, freedom, and choice.   Yes, I truly make a mid to high level multiple 6 figure income every year… and have done so for the past decade.  I say this with tons of love and no ego, I just want you to know that you can trust me knowing that I’ve done the work to figure it out. So, I know my stuff and I’m always learning, growing, and applying!!

 I choose to live in a growth-based mindset,  and know how important it is to have my own personal business coach.  I believe if I’m not growing, I’m dying.

 I’m relentless in serving others to achieve their goals.  I love wine, great belly laughs, and deep conversations.

 I’m not a bit fan of surface chit-chat.  I want to know what’s going to help you move the needle.

I’m more interested in you getting the results you have been dying to have then me being liked.  I’ve done that and wore that t-shirt.  I know this… your growth is about YOU.

 Your results are what you make of them. 

I’m here to help you cross the finish line and don’t quit.  I’m also here to help you solve your problems faster so that you can keep moving forward.   Sorry, but I won’t do your pushups for you, and if you want to complain – you better come with positive energy and a willingness to figure it out.

 This is my promise to you – I’ll show up for you,  if you show up for you.  I’ll wipe your tears, and be the soft hand on your back guiding you to your next step.  Let’s do this!!

Oh and if you need credentials: 
Health and Wellness Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Speaker for over 20 years
Professional Corporate trainer for over 10 years
Certificate in Psychology of Leadership – Cornell University
Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer
Nutritional Wellness Specialist
Retired Registered Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Personal Trainer

 Fun fact: I worked with the Cranberries in 2002.  Love me some Zombie and Linger!!


Today is just the beginning of your NEXT LEVEL greatness!


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