Re-evaluate. Innovate. Strategy. Execute.

Reflect. Imagination. Soul. Excitement.

12 month Intimate Coaching Program

For the Next Level Female Entrepreneur

You are the RIGHT Girl For the Job!

2020 is  here, the beginning of a new decade!! 

My question to you is…

Are you ready to finally IMPLEMENT on the programs, the to-dos, the action items you already know to work on, but yet struggle to get them to work for you?

I hear you!!  I’m here to help you get the results you have been looking for.

Intimate coaching – skill based training.

But more importantly, accountability to reach the end goal!!

Just think of me as being a soft hand on your back pushing, guiding you forward – to face any fears and RISE to your NEXT LEVEL.

I’m only taking a small group of NEXT LEVEL LEADERS in this VIP INNER CIRCLE.

Program opens Jan 2020!

P.S You are the right girl for the job… now let’s get you there!



Coaching Mentorship

1:1 Coaching and mentorship to help you achieve your BEST RESULT.

3 Days per week for 3 Weeks per month you will have daily access for support, mentorship and guidance. 

Monthly/Quarterly Check-in's. VIP Days 1- Mastermind

Monthly assessments and quarterly check-in to maximize success. 

Two VIP Days for all clients.  Spring and Fall   


Training and resources

Access to the complete ALIGN and LEAD 6 Module Leadership Program and Results Driven Material and Group 

Who is this for?

If you are a woman who is looking to take your business and life to a new level then this is for you.

If you are a coach, network marketer, or some form of Powerful Lady Boss who is looking for more than this is your perfect opportunity.

If you are looking to upgrade your Inner Circle of like- minded women who are supportive, caring and will gently push you for more then this is a group for you. 

12 month coaching program! 
I’m Shannon – you can call me Shai if you choose.
I’ll be your personal coach, mentor and guide to help you confidently step into your next level.  I’m bringing you my BEST – 20+ years of business, leadership and lifestyle skills and knowledge to help you grow, develop and RISE to your next level.  

The best two pieces of advice I have ever been given are: 

The only way to fail is to quit!

If you are doing it alone, you are doing it wrong!!

I’m your girl!!

If you are SERIOUS then hold your spot!!! 
Book a call with me to discuss your goals for 2020! 

After going through R.I.S.E. Up, you’ll likely be able to:

✔️ Reach goals you have set for yourself but have been unable to attain

✔️Discover your voice and CLAIM IT, OWN IT, SHARE IT and even montenize it if you so choose

✔️Develop your leadership skills to become a better leader for YOURSELF and the people around you!!

✔️Develop skills to create more INCOME in your life so that you can life with more ease!!

✔️ Have the ability and tools to reflect and re-evaluate on your next steps

✔️ Imagine and innovate solutions to reach the next level

✔️ Be soul-filled and strategic to create success  

✔️Execute with excitement and engagement on your goals and lifestyle – while staying excited about the journey!!

✔️ Understand your strengths more and how to lean into them vs. working on your weaknesses

✔️ Control your habits and thought patterns in order to create your desired outcomes

✔️ Create a community that supports your beliefs, values, and your goals and allows you to be the BEST YOU

✔️ Become radical responsibility for your energy, mindset and wellness!

✔️ Stay in an alignment to support your mission and meaning. Anything that isn’t in alignment doesn’t belong to you anyways!!

One of my biggest AHA moments was This one phrase: “You have to say no to the GOOD to say yes to the GREAT” was like a sucker punch, but one I so needed.   Shannon help me dismantle the feelings of fear and uncertainty was better then any coaching session I have ever paid for.  It was real, authentic, and powerful. 

~ Heid A.. ~

Shannon has helped me uplevel my business mindset, my goals and my overall confidence. I find her coaching invaluable. She brings so much wisdom and leadership training in each meeting.


~ Erin M. ~

I am more confident in ME and who I am and because of that and being in alignment with the person I was created to be I AM experiencing all the MORES!! Thank you for doing life with me.  

I value your insights, your leadership  and your friendship.

~ Heid O. ~