Remember your inner light! 🕯


Today, maybe so-called “Blue Monday”; however, I choose not to accept that.  I never have, and today as I write this, it’s a beautiful sunny morning.  The ground is covered in a lovely winter blanket, and I’m sipping on a delicious cup of coffee with cinnamon, of course!!


This morning, like most mornings, I wake up before everyone else to read, reflect and create a plan for the day.  I’m currently reading The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer, and it’s brilliant.


Funny how books find you.  I have been seeking a book that could bring me back to my roots and beliefs about energy and consciousness.  I was gifted this book at Christmas from my best friend, and I can’t stop reading it.  So much of it is familiar, while other parts offer me answers to so many questions I have had throughout my life.  


When I made the declaration just to HEAL this past year, it was one of the most powerful shifts in my life.  I leaned in and let go.  


I let go of so much frustration and pain in the shadows of my life, and to be honest, I didn’t realize how much was there.  As in the book, some experiences got trapped and as if my body and energy was like a record on skip. 


It’s been almost five years of a healing journey, and if I’m to reflect, it’s been there in versions for my whole life.  


I’m learning time and time again because each time I choose to go deeper and deeper in my understanding of self and my level of knowledge and inner wisdom are allowed to speak and shine. 


It is softening the noise.  I realize again the power of the inner voice and the difference between the voice of the thoughts vs. the voice of my consciousness, aka spirit, the life force that runs through me.  


As I access more and more of this, I see that even though our world seems so bizarre, I can choose to stay OPEN.  Open in my heart, open in my mind, open for business, so to speak (lol)  


If you are struggling with your mindset or feel that that world is caving in on you, realize that you have an inner power much larger within yourself.  An internal light that when you decide to come at each experience with LOVE and to allow it to pass through you and not allow it to get stuck can lead to you a life well fulfilled.  


Discovering happiness isn’t about reaching goals, obtaining wealth, being an influencer; it’s about growth and knowing who you are on the inside and the level of impact and light you can spread in the world. 

Focus there, and I know you will reach your potential in my heart, and all that shall be given you will receive.  


As my wise mom would say to me as a little girl, “Your heart will always lead you in the right direction.”


Tips to grounding and finding your light:


  1. Listen to my morning affirmation track to inspire your greatness.
  2. Meditate today
  3. Do some yoga
  4. Go for a walk and be intentional about what you see.  Choose to see the beauty.
  5. Breathe


Live in the light,





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