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Mindful Transformational Leadership
With Shannon A. Fisher

 Empowering you to


Leverage Your Time.
Create a purpose driven team culture.
Ignite your impact.
Embrace your
Be Well. Be Mindful. 
Ignite the Authentic Present Leader within You.

Mindful Leadership Programs

Let’s empower you to lead with presence! We’ll start by nurturing your self-leadership skills, which will allow you to inspire and guide others greatly. Together, we’ll set you up for success on the next level of your leadership journey.

Keynotes | Retreats | Webinars

Transform yourself with engaging keynote addresses, empowering retreats, and insightful webinars. Expand your emotional intelligence, build resilience, and find your authentic voice. 3 Top Transformational topics are Chasing Happiness, Resilience for Today’s Leaders, and Beating Burnout for Good!
Make personal transformation a reality today.

Well:being Hub

Welcome to our Well:Being Hub, where we offer effective, natural, and easy-to-follow systems for your physical health. And if you’re seeking inner peace, our Pillars of Light Mindful candles create a serene atmosphere and provide access to clean water for those in need. Let us empower you to live a healthier, happier life!

I’m so grateful for Shannon’s leadership, she helped me create a 6 figure income in my first year of working with her.  She’s an amazing mentor, leader and now friend.
- Erin P.

Weight Loss and Mindset Coach, Network Marketer

Shannon has been such an inspiration to me and has helped me create some huge shifts in my life which led to an abundance of growth and miracles! So grateful for her!
- Trish V.

Network Marketer

Shannon has helped me up-level my business mindset, my goals and my overall confidence. I find her coaching invaluable. She brings so much wisdom and leadership training in each meeting.
- Erin M.


Leading yourself well, is much more than just eating good food, or working out, or taking a course here and there.  It’s about how you choose to show up in life each and every day. 

Let me ask you this??  Are you truly implementing all the things you “KNOW” what to do?

I know personally that we are only as good as we can be, based on the life experiences and beliefs we hold.  I also know that our environment is stronger than our WILLPOWER.

I’ve been mastering my mindset for over 20 years.  I have found tools to help me create a 6 figure business and leadership that has allowed me to have time freedom and choice.

Its now your turn!

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