One of the greatest gifts you can teach yourself is how to be your own Coach. Yes, I mean to coach yourself. No one else… just YOU!

Now don’t get me wrong – we all needs coaches, guides and mentors in life. Believe me, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!! However, one of the best things I’ve learned is how to coach myself.

This is a valuable skill – one that only requires you YOU, some quiet time and some great questions to ask yourself… and it’s FREE!!

In realizing how I have picked myself up time and time again to move forward, I’ve realized that this has become my philosophy to reach the next level of my life. It’s called R.I.S.E. Up. It’s truly the end to the beginning of Be Fear.less. Face Everything and Rise. (R.I.S.E)

The first principle in my R.I.S.E. Up philosophy is Re-evaluate and Reflect.

When we take time to re-evaluate and reflect our current situation we are able to look at life through a different lens.I often say that “you can’t see the picture, when you are in the frame”.

It’s so true for our lives. Sometimes we are going around and around in a giant circle, making us feel like we are being productive – aka “busy” and moving forward – however, we only then get frustrated when we realize that we have been here before and not getting the results we thought we should have achieved so far… sound familiar?

One of the key ways I have stopped this madness is by journaling; looking back in order to move forward.

John C. Maxwell, one of my amazing mentors, taught me many moons ago to take time each month, quarter and year to reflect. Ideally, you can just scan you journal, diary or schedule to get an idea of what happened and when.

What went well, what didn’t and how could I improve on that situation, and what’s next.

You can choose to reflect on a day, a week, a month, or even the year as a whole.

As we start to close up 2019 and the last 10 years I have been spending a lot of time in this phase as I’ve been reflecting on my last 10 years (I turned 40 in August, so it’s been cool to write it out), it’s exciting and sad, thrilling and learning, growth, understanding and forgiving – lots of great amazing nuggets of life lessons woven into many amazing memories.

If you want more in life – more joy, zest, abundance and results I encourage you to take time over the next few days and start to consider the following questions.

Make a list and if you so choose go a bit deeper with each question.

You may even shock yourself with being able to figure out your next steps.

Grab a pen and paper – go old school for a second.

Take a deep breath in. Clear your mind and go back.

What went well? What was I doing, feeling, acting, showing up with that made this go well?

What didn’t work? What was I not doing that didn’t make this go well?

What did I learn? How can I apply this to my next ___.

What do I want to do next? What do I want, who do I choose to serve? What will bring me the greatest joy and ease?

I hope you find some answers and keep practicing. The greatest gift you can give to yourself is the power to figure it out!!

By writing this down you can review and start to see key takeaways and next action steps to take. Next step… Innovate!!

With love, Shannon