Intermittent Fasting. Cleansing. Detoxing. 


All of these are key and trendy words of the past few years. 


I have been doing all of this on and off for the past 20 years and I have to say it is far from trendy!! These words/programs are not just a quick fix; they should be moved into your lifestyle and wellness plan… trust me, I’ve learned the hard way!!


When I was a young teen girl, I struggled with my own version of IBS. It was awful and totally embarrassing. Certain foods didn’t agree with me and even though I’ve never been a fast food junkie, I was probably eating more of it than other decades of my life. My stomach would bloat, PMS was crazy, I’d feel totally gross and often times find myself running for the closest bathroom – but it needed to be far enough away that other girls wouldn’t see me. Cause seriously… who poops at school?? Right!!! The stress of all of it didn’t help either I imagine. I suffered for years and it wasn’t until I was in school to become a Registered Massage Therapist that I found this book that changed my life.


The Prescription for Nutritional Healing is the book I dove into and today still use it as my bible for wellness. I loved learning how I could help myself heal. I started an apple cider, aloe vera, psyllium husk cleanse and did this every morning for about a year. It was incredible the results I felt. My digestive issues went away and I felt pretty great – so great that I didn’t need to see my doctor. I’ve always believed that our bodies are amazing miracles and can heal themselves if given the right food, rest and proper nutrition. (I do believe in medication, only if they are really required – for example I’d never want a Type 1 diabetic to stop taking medicine as its critical for their wellness.


This was my beginning to how the body could heal. I have loved and hobby-studied nutrition for years, I even became a Nutritional Wellness Specialist many moons ago.  But 13 years ago, I was introduced to a whole new cleansing system. I was in the midst of considering if I was going to do the Master Cleanse (the cayenne pepper and water one) which includes days of just drinking a liquid, that wasn’t going to fit into my lifestyle as being a busy Massage Therapist. So, I kept looking. Funny enough I learned more about a nutritional cleansing system that supported the body. I was a bit skeptical at first until I did my own research. After watching a few clients have great success, I could see that this was a simple system. A system that would help me with my energy, and maybe get the zip back into my step that I had been looking for. My husband also started as he finally was OPEN to looking at ways to help his digestive system heal too. We both got started and felt amazing after the two days of intermittent fasting. We used a herbal tonic that was filled with great herbs and aloe vera, which I knew the benefits of this from the last time I did a cleanse. This was different though. It was easy to use, and I loved that it came with a system to help my body re-build.
Lots of cleansing and detoxing programs are amazing, but if you go back to eating foods that don’t serve you, your results will suffer. I loved the fact that I could clear the junk and then add high quality nutrition back into my body. Being a busy healthcare practitioner this was a huge benefit as many days I’d skip meals cause there just wasn’t enough time in my day to STOP and eat a good meal. Plus, back then I wasn’t so great on meal prep.


This was great as I could have superfoods in my shake in the morning and bring one with me to the clinic. I just needed water and a shaker cup and I was off to the races…


RESULTS… right, that is important! In the beginning, I gained my energy back in a few days. I’ve struggled for years with some vitamin deficiencies so feeling better and having energy was amazing. I say that I came out of the “San Francisco Fog”. I also lost about 10lbs which was a great side benefit.



How I use intermittent fasting and detox my body:   


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Here is a bit of what my daily, monthly and yearly plan looks like: 


Daily – upon rising, I change it up from “Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mothers”, to lemon water, to celery juice with a big glass of water. At night I have 2-4oz of Cleanse for Life. This helps my body by giving it extra herbs so that my body can eliminate more effectively.  Check out my 5 Morning Hacks to learn more!!


Monthly – I do a 1 day detox. This is my version of a good vacuum clean. Helps support my body and restore – using Cleanse for Life.


Seasonally I do – 4 days a month. 2 days back to back. This is my version of a good steam clean. This helps all my detoxification organs do their job without having to worry about digesting food!! Blood, liver, colon, kidney and lymphatic system.


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Have I STOPPED…nope. This was a lifestyle system that I felt great using. This has been one of my favourite tools to help my body get high quality nutrition without having to worry about pesticides and herbicides and the quality is tried, tested and true!!


Find what works best for you and don’t stop doing it!!  


Love and Light,




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