Hi, I’m Shannon 

I’m an entrepreneurial women, mom of 3 and wife to my amazing husband, Chris.  I’m also the proud business owner of 5 Fish Leadership Inc. 
I’m passionate about serving others to RISE UP to their potential and make an impact in their world and the communities around them physically and financially
I want to help you figure it out!
I just want you to WIN in life.
I want you to be “FEAR.Less”
Face Everything And RISE

Is It Time To


My story..

I am an entrepreneur and have been for over 2+ decades now. It is in my bones – it’s just who I am.  I love helping people “figure out” what they need to obtain the results they are looking for in life, from health to business.
In the beginning, I loved being a Registered Massage Therapist, Crainosacral Therapist, as I could assist people in self care and relaxation providing them with physical results to help them decrease pain and discomfort, while aiding the body in its own wellness journey. 
I loved doing this work however; two things were happening…

1.  I was starting to get burnt out as treating people can be physically exhausting and hard on the good ol’ body.

2.  I also wanted more choice, I also wanted to evolve my career. I desired for more… more impact, more results, more growth. 

From here I was introduced to a product line and re-introduced to business model that I had been in before, yet left as it wasn’t the right fit for me at that time.  This time around it was exactly what I was looking for – JET FUEL – fuel to fill my body so that I could continue to do great work!!  Once I had the results, people wanted to know what I was doing, so I quickly went from product user to BRAND PARTNER.  Over the past 13 years, I have been partnered with this amazing company called Isagenix, plain and simple the products WORK and the compensation plan was so incredible that we have built  a life with our amazing three kids in the process.  We take holidays and are able to have the ability to make family choices on our own terms. By introducing other women and men, see the potential with this incredible business model, it has to allowed them to being with a part time online business, that could over time equate to a full time income.   Over the past 13 years we have assisted over 11 people reaching an annual 6 figure income and we are just getting started!!

What I’m most proud of… my family.  We are each others everything.  We travel together, work together, laugh together and I’m uber proud of each of them. 
We believe in doing the right thing, even if its the hard time.  
We believe in going first and being a pioneer.  
We believe in figuring it out and not stopping until.
This is US.  

A few things about my education… is she qualified you may ask?  

So, here you go. I have successfully built and sustain a 6 figure income with the business I have created for the past 14 years. I have increased my skills to become a masterful public speaker/facilitator speaking with the greats such as – John C. Maxwell, Lisa Nicolas, Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, David T. S Wood to name a few.

I’m a learner and educator at heart over the past 13 years I have continued to expand my own Personal Development to include; 

  • Certified John Maxwell Trainer, Speaker and Coach
  • Psychology of Leadership – Cornell University 
  • Amplified Master Trainer Program – David Wood
  • Communication Training with Colin James
  • Gabby Bernstine – Spirit Junkie Masterclass

What’s next you might ask?

MASSIVE Contribution!!  SERVING MORE, GIVING MORE, MAKE A BIGGER AND BRIGHTER IMPACT!! Over the next few years I will scale my companies offering more services to those in my current industry and to others.  
My main mission is to serve women to make a 6 figure income in alignment with their souls purpose, doing it with harmony and a ton of fun!

How we can work together?

Go to the work me with me and we can talk.
Maybe you want to become a wellness advocate – I can discuss our partnership
Maybe you want some personal 1:1 coaching?
Maybe you need some group coaching? 
Need a keynote speaker/ facilitator I can assist.  
None the less, I offer a ton of FREE info on this site so just stay connected… 

With love,



Be COURAGEOUS,  RISE up to your potential, HAVE FUN and let’s make some $$!


“One of my biggest “Ah Ha” moments came at a time when I had some tough decisions to make. This one phrase: “that you have to say no to the GOOD to you can say YES to the GREAT” was like a sucker punch, but one I needed.
 Shannon has helped me dismantle the feelings of fear and uncertainty which was better then any coaching session I have ever paid for. 
 It was real, authentic and powerful  ”

— Heidi A, satisfied client