Hi, I’m Shannon 

A professional mentor and teacher, this mother of three has dedicated twenty-four years to coaching high performers as they lead themselves in life.

Drawing on her background in varied entrepreneurship endeavours, she is passionate about helping others reach their potential and live a simply sophisticated lifestyle.

She believes that through the power of generosity, we can illuminate the world with empowerment and action!

Discover her new purpose-driven candle company Pillars of Light. 

My timeline…

2000- Become a Registered Massage Therapist | Introduced to  Network Marketing

2002 – About to default on my rent and grab a gig to be a Personal Assistant and RMT to world renowend band The Cranberries 

2002 – Later that year, I get very sick with what doctors can’t understand – 

2005 – Stumble back into Network Marketing with a World Class Nutritional Product

2014 – Reach Legacy Status (growing an organization to over 1M in paid out accrued commissions) 

2014- Certified John C. Maxwell, Speaker Coach and Mentor

2015 – Speak on Stage with Greats John C. Maxwell, Lisa Nicols, David T. S. Wood

2016 – 3 team members reach Legacy Status!! 

2018 – Sickness kicks in again. 

2019 – Diagnosis of Lyme Disease and discover Mindfulness and Faith again. 

2020- Being the work to grow and rediscover my purpose and path in life. Team size crosses over 50k people worldwide.  True residual income.

2021 – Launch Pillars of Light – purpose driven candle gifting company – Give over 520 People Access to Clean Water for 5 Years – we pivot to a 1 for 1 model. 

2022 – Ready to serve in aligned and purpose filled life.  


What I’m most proud of… my family.  We are each others everything.  We travel together, work together, laugh together and I’m uber proud of each of them. 
We believe in doing the right thing, even if its the hard time.  
We believe in going first and being a pioneer.  
We believe in figuring it out and not stopping until.
This is US.  

A few things about my education… is she qualified you may ask?  

So, here you go. I have successfully built and sustain a 6 figure income with the business I have created for the past 18+ years. I have increased my skills to become a masterful public speaker/facilitator speaking with the greats such as – John C. Maxwell, Lisa Nicolas, Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, David T. S Wood to name a few.

I’m a learner and educator at heart over the past 13 years I have continued to expand my own Personal Development to include; 

  • Certified John Maxwell Trainer, Speaker and Coach
  • Psychology of Leadership – Cornell University 
  • Amplified Master Trainer Program – David Wood
  • Communication Training with Colin James

How we can work together?

1. Download some free resources to help you grow – better health or leadership. 

2. Book a Call.  Let’s connect to learn see if we are a fit



With love,



Be COURAGEOUS,  RISE up to your potential, HAVE FUN and let’s make some $$!


“One of my biggest “Ah Ha” moments came at a time when I had some tough decisions to make. This one phrase: “that you have to say no to the GOOD to you can say YES to the GREAT” was like a sucker punch, but one I needed.
 Shannon has helped me dismantle the feelings of fear and uncertainty which was better then any coaching session I have ever paid for. 
 It was real, authentic and powerful  ”

— Heidi A, satisfied client